SinC Desert Sleuths 2015 Anthology

To be released at the WriteNow! Conference, August 2015.

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Desert Sleuths 2013 Anthology
SoWest: Crime Time

Volume #5 of the Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter anthology, SoWest: Crime Time is now available at Amazon

Anthology Cover HR

The Desert Sleuths are honored to announce the following member authors and titles
featured in SoWest: Crime Time

Shannon Baker – “Neighborhood Watch”
Susan Budavari – “Vanity Pays”
Yvonne M. Corrigan-Carr – “The Legacy”
Laurie Fagen – “Death by Deception”
Katherine Atwell Herbert – “Guy Walks Into a Bar”
Machelle Langseth – “Crosswind”
Isabella Maldonado – “Cleañoritas, Inc.”
Merle McCann – “Murder at Wickersham Farms”
Margaret Morse – “Make the Final Cut”
Kris Neri – “Grand Canyon Standoff”
Nancy Hart Newcomer – “Most Important Meal of the Day”
Toni Niesen – “Woman in the Maze”
R K Olson – “Lucky in Cards”
Cathy Ann Rogers – “Woman’s Work”
Martin Roselius – “Faces of Time”
Amy Schuster – “The Sun City Zone”
Jackie Sereno – “Li and the Daughters of Joy”
Louise M. Signorelli – “Abigail’s Cat”
Kate Joy Steele – “The Make-Believe Wives Club”
Kari Wainwright – “The Good Neighbor”

Lead Editor: Deborah J Ledford
Editors: Nancy McCurry, Susan Budavari, Merle McCann