Call for Submissions: Four Chambers

Four Chambers, a quarterly literary magazine based in the metro Phoenix area, is currently accepting submissions for its Fall 2016 issue.

Per their guidelines:

We’re a community literary magazine. We don’t limit or restrict ourselves to certain genres or styles. We don’t have a specific aesthetic or agenda. We want to find something for everybody,  we’re trying to give people a space for publication where there might not be, and we want to assemble an eclectic collection of literary work.

We have our own particular tastes and ideas about what makes for good work, sure, but we’re open-minded, we like being surprised by new things, and most of the time we don’t even know what good work looks like until someone waves it in front of our face. (Also, we use a board of editors, rather than individuals, so each piece is determined by consensus rather than specific taste).

Prose should be under 500 words and poetry 20 lines or less.

For more details visit their website.


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