DS SWSDeadly Front Cover - Final

SoWest: So Deadly Vol #6 – 2015 – TRADE PAPERBACK

Murder. Revenge. Blackmail. Greed. Envy. Corruption. From the glamorous soirées of powerbrokers to gritty, dark alleys to snowy mountain hideaways–the twists and turns keep coming. The Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter presents 22 whip-smart stories in their award-winning anthologies series.

Authors and Editors of the anthology: Isabella Maldonado, Nancy Hart Newcomer, Susan Budavari, Kate Joy Steele, Connie Flynn, M. Evonne Dobson, Teresa Waggoner, Bill Butler, Denise Todd, Merle McCann, Suzanne Flaig, Kaye Owen, Laurie Fagen, Yvonne M. Corrigan-Carr, Katherine Atwell Herbert, Robert Dukelow, Mary Ball, Kris Neri, Susan Cummins Miller, Lori Hines, Jacinda J. Power, Patricia Bonn.

Lead Editor: Yvonne M. Corrigan-Carr. Editors: Susan Budavari, Susan Cummins Miller, Merle McCann, Meg E Dobson, Dana King-Esquer. Consulting Editor: Donna T. Hanna. Editorial Advisor and Formatter: Deborah J Ledford. Cover Layout: Kästle Olson

SoWest Crime Time-DS Antho-Cover - HR

SoWest: Crime Time – Vol #5 – 2013 – TRADE PAPERBACK and KINDLE

Ever been in the wrong place, at the wrong time? Feel safe where you are now? In this volume from the Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter, 20 authors show why you need to keep your guard up. Be ready to react. In the desert, in the mountains, in the Valley towns of Arizona, when you least expect it…It’s CRIME TIME.

Authors and Editors of this anthology: Shannon Baker, Susan Budavari, Yvonne M. Corrigan-Carr, Laurie Fagen, Katherine Atwell Herbert, Machelle Langseth, Isabella Maldonado, Isabella Maldonado, Merle McCann, Margaret Morse, Kris Neri, Nancy Hart Newcomer, Toni Niesen, R K Olson, Cathy Ann Rogers, Martin Roselius, Amy Schuster, Jackie Sereno, Louise M. Signorelli, Kate Joy Steele, Kari Wainwright.

Lead Editor: Deborah J Ledford. Co-Editors: Nancy McCurry, Susan Budavari, Merle McCann

SoWest Desert Justice-SinC Desert SleuthsSoWest: Desert Justice – Vol #4 – 2012 – TRADE PAPERBACK and KINDLESuspense-Magazine-Best-of-2012-Wax-Seal (1)

 Evil abounds…Frustrations mount…Calls for revenge cry out! In this volume, Desert Sleuths Sisters in Crime offer 20 tales you won’t forget. Victims fight back, police pursue bad guys, scores are evened…but when all else fails, get a taste for how the desert claims its own!

Featuring 20 original mystery short stories by members of SinC Desert Sleuths: Shannon Baker, Susan Budavari, Laurie Fagen, Suzanne Flaig, Arthur Kerns, Deborah J Ledford, Elizabeth R. Marshall, Merle McCann, Margaret Morse, Kris Neri, Nancy Hart Newcomer, Toni Niesen, VirginiaNosky, R K Olson, Cathy Ann Rogers, Martin Roselius, Amy Schuster, Judy Starbuck, Judith Starkston, Kate Joy Steele.

SoWest: Desert Justice selected as one of Suspense Magazine‘s Best Books of 2012!

SinC Anthology FrontCover FSoWest, So Wild – Vol #3 – 2011TRADE PAPERBACK and KINDLE

Murder and mayhem western style. The Desert Sleuths Chapter of Sisters in Crime offers 20 exciting tales. Everything from old-time shootouts to modern day forensics, noir to comedy can be found in this compelling anthology. Walk on the wild side of the SouthWest, as Arizona celebrates its centennial year. Hang up your spurs, kick back and enjoy!

Authors and Editors of the anthology: JoAnne Zeterberg, Howard “Doc” Carron, Margaret Morse, Virginia Nosky, Kris Neri, Isabella Maldonado, Susan Budavari, Barbara Goodson, Lori Hines, Martin Roselius, CR Bolinski, Amy Schuster, Toni Niesen, Carrie Sears Bell, Judy Starbuck, Nancy Newcomer, Merle McCann, Leslie Kohler, Deborah J Ledford, Nancy McCurry.

Lead Editor: Deborah J Ledford. Co-Editors: Nancy McCurry, Isabella Maldonado, Virginia Nosky

Finalist for Best Anthology of 2011 by Suspense Magazine