SinC Desert Sleuths Chapter 2015 Anthology

SoWest: So Deadly

Volume #6 of the Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter anthology is now available at Amazon

DS SWSDeadly Front Cover - Final

The Desert Sleuths are honored to announce the following member authors and titles
featured in SoWest: So Deadly

Isabella Maldonado – “The Hand of Fate”
Nancy Hart Newcomer – “A Resourceful Murder”
Susan Budavari – “Prelude to Stardom”
Kate Joy Steele – “A Child’s Wish”
Connie Flynn – “The Wrong Man”
M. Evonne Dobson – “Politics of Chaos”
Teresa Wagonner – “Only the Shadow Knows”
Bill Butler – “One Busy Night”
Denise Todd – “Murder at the Styles Mansion”
Merle McCann – “Who Shot the Sheriff?”
Suzanne Flaig – “Goodnight, Sweetheart”
Kaye Owen – “Mystery of the Murder Quilt”
Laurie Fagen – “Murder at Casa De Gente Viejo”
Yvonne M. Corrigan-Carr – “Shadow Prey”
Katherine Atwell Herbert – “The Short Happy Life of Francine M.”
Robert Dukelow – “Juanita’s Revenge”
Mary Ball – “A Dancer on the Mesa”
Kris Neri – “The Naked Emperor of the Verde Valley”
Susan Cummins Miller – “Case #15-4037”
Lori Hines – “Revenge Among the Ruins”
Jacinda J. Power – “A Debt Repaid”
Patricia Bonn – “Never Left Behind”

Lead Editor: Yvonne M. Corrigan-Carr
Co-Editors: Susan Budavari, Merle McCann, Susan Cummins Miller, Meg E. Dobson

Consulting Editor: Donna Blackburn Hanna – Line Editor: Dane McCaslin
Editorial Advisor and Interior Book Formatter: Deborah J Ledford

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