Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter Announces its 2017 Anthology SoWest: Killer Nights

*UPDATE: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JANUARY 28th! SUBMISSION CALL ANTHOLOGY TITLE: SoWest: Killer Nights THEME: Murder After Dark. Suspense/thriller tone. A murder or potential murder must occur and a major scene must happen at night. The setting is, of course, Arizona. These are high tension stories set in Arizona that can include stalkers, serial killers, chases, … Continue reading “Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter Announces its 2017 Anthology SoWest: Killer Nights”

Call for Submissions: Four Chambers

Four Chambers, a quarterly literary magazine based in the metro Phoenix area, is currently accepting submissions for its Fall 2016 issue. Per their guidelines: We’re a community literary magazine. We don’t limit or restrict ourselves to certain genres or styles. We don’t have a specific aesthetic or agenda. We want to find something for everybody,  … Continue reading “Call for Submissions: Four Chambers”

Call for Submissions: Hemingway Shorts

The Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park is launching a new venture titled HEMINGWAY SHORTS geared toward helping new writers. New writers are encouraged to submit short stories up to 1,500 words max. Entries judged worthy will appear in a new print/online publication. The best entry will win $500. You can find more details at … Continue reading “Call for Submissions: Hemingway Shorts”

Call for Submissions: LampLight

LampLight describes itself as a quarterly magazine for dark fiction that has opened submissions until May 15, 2016. We are a literary magazine of dark fiction, both short stories and flash fiction. We want your best. But then, doesn’t everyone? No specific sub-genres or themes, just good stories. For inspiration, we suggest “The Twilight Zone”, … Continue reading “Call for Submissions: LampLight”

Call for Submissions: Otter Libris Anthologies

Otter Libris is looking for stories for four different anthologies to be published later this year. They are as follows: Let’s Go to the Circus Circuses are supposed to be places of joy and wonder, but they are also full of clowns and many people find clowns distinctly creepy. Circuses come into town and disappear … Continue reading “Call for Submissions: Otter Libris Anthologies”