Firearms Training for Writers – MEMBERS ONLY


Nothing beats hands-on research to bring a solid realistic sense to your storytelling. Mystery, crime, and thriller stories often feature firearms. Now’s the perfect time for you to learn more about firearms in a safe environment and surrounded by other writers and Sisters and Misters.

The normal cost for this training, ammunition, and range time is $55, however, SinC Desert Sleuths Chapter is chipping in $15 per person, so your cost is just $40! This is a heckuva deal!

What’s included?

Firearms safety
Clearing a gun, revolver and semi-auto
How a revolver works and the different types
How a semi-auto works and the different types
Service pistols- what the police use.
Home defense and concealed carry guns
Ammunition- how it works
Fundamentals of shooting stance (grip, trigger control, etc)
Discussion of firearms myths and misconceptions
Q & A session
Range time
(Each person will shoot 5 rounds out of a revolver and 10 rounds out of a 9mm semi auto.)

When: Saturday, October 13, 8a-12p
Where: Scottsdale Gun Club, 14860 N Northsight Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Cost: $55.00 per person $40.00 per person (MEMBERS ONLY)
This includes the training, ammunition, and all other normal fees. Targets, guns, ammunition, hearing and eye protection will be supplied.

This class is private and you must be a registered Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter member to participate.


Author: Denise Ganley

Writer. Vegan. Pluviophile. 2020 Desert Sleuth Prez. Professional Beta Reader. & Host of the Heart-Shaped Books Podcast, where storytellers open up about the books that changed their lives.