Savvy Sleuth – Call for Submissions

The Savvy Sleuth Newsletter is by Desert Sleuths members, for Desert Sleuth members. Here’s what Editor Roni is looking for:

1.    Updates about publications, awards, and appearances by Desert Sleuths members
2.    A “Sisterly Wisdom” article about what a sister/mister has learned that works when it comes to writing, promoting, publishing (approximately 200 words)
3.    A member review of a mystery he/she has read, or an old one he/she loves(d) (250+ words)
4.    Gossip or tidbits about the publishing-mystery writing world—as long as it can be verified. Example: a renowned writer plans a news series
5.  Tips for a successful NaNoWrimo
6.  How to Write Around the Holidays

Please send all submissions to ronisays [at] by November 3, 2017. Thanks in advance.


Author: Denise Ganley

Writer. Vegan. Pluviophile. 2020 Desert Sleuth Prez. Professional Beta Reader. & Host of the Heart-Shaped Books Podcast, where storytellers open up about the books that changed their lives.